TitleThe title of the module
Internal TitleThe title to use internally to display the Module
DescriptionThe description of the module
Show Status textIf you would like to show the text "1 of 4 Completed" set this to yes.


Draft ModeSet this to on to hide the module until you are ready
Hide tasks skipped by a ruleIf set to 'Yes' tasks will not b visible unless the rules allow
Show select user pageIf this is set to yes then the module will initially display a list of users. The list of users is created based on the roles who can access the workflow and the participants that the logged in user is allowed to see.
Require login when finishedIf this is on a login will be required when leaving this module. You may want to use this to make sure participants dont have access to private data
Who will see this moduleEveryone: Anyone with access to the workflow. Particpants:  Only show to particpants(Users who dont see the select participant page) Facilitators: Only show to users who can see the select particpant page.

Message Settings

Send Default MessagesIf set to no then the default module open messages will not be sent. You might set this to 'No' if you want more control over what messages are sent using custom messages. If you set this to yes then the default messages are sent as needed.


Always OpenIf set to yes the module sequence will be ignored and the module will always be availble
How many times should this module be completed?How many times the module needs to be completed before being finished. Set to 0 to repeat the module forever. Each time finish is pressed within the module it is reset to allow entering of data again.
Open on a dayIf set to yes open on specified date.
Close on a dayIf set to yes the module will close on the specified date.


Image(Displayed above title)The image to display on the card of the Module.
Badge ImageChoose an image to display above the module list when this module has been completed. You can use this to show images of awards or other rewards to the particpant
Overide default coloursIf set to yes you can set a custom colour for this Module.
Text ColourThe text colour of the Module card
Background ColourThe background color of the Module card