Create Reports using the tools you use every day.

A report can be embedded attached to emails, dashboards or in a module as a report question.

Some example uses of reports are: 

  • Send a completion certificate
  • Generate a downloadable chart
  • Generate an official document using government templates

Create a report using Word or Excel and fill in the values required from the data gathered in Engageable.

  1. Make the in Word or Excel document using dummy values. Make it look exactly as you want including charts and images.
  2. Replace the dummy values in the office document with template codes generated in Engageable
  3. Create a Report in the workflow
  4. Upload the office document into the report

How to get template values

You can use the pipe code menu or any template variable as described in Template Variables

Difference with Word templates

Template variables are usually surrounded with {{ }} however this is not possible in Word templates

Instead when creating templates in word please use ${ } e.g.

${ answer(999) }