Add Users

You can add users in the ‘Users’ section of the Administration Suite. Users can be deactivated, banned or deleted. You can reset their password and their progress. There are three ways to add participants to Engageable:



Also see: Registration Walk Through

You can enable your tenancy to accept registrations. There are 9 default registration questions which you can require or disable. You can change the ‘username’ label to whichever label best suits your project, (e.g. ‘participant’ or ‘member’ etc.).


You can also add any number of additional registration questions using the ‘Add Question’ button and selecting from the 30+ question types available. The additional question responses can be removed from the user profile if required.



Also see: How to invite users

You can invite users directly or import them from a CSV. There is a customisable invite template with keywords. You can create multiple invite templates if you want to undertake A/B testing of different invites. You can automate a follow-up if someone does not register within a set number of days.


When you invite a user, you have the option to assign their role or set oversight of users at the point of invitation. This is useful if you have mentors or trainers that you want to invite prior to enabling general users. Once you have completed your invitation settings, invitations are added to the pending list displayed on the invites page of the Administration Suite. You can prepare all your invitations and then ‘Send all pending invites’, to dispatch.


You can bulk upload invites using an Excel CSV. Click ‘Import CSV’ button, ensuring your file contains headings in row 1. Upon import you will need to map the columns in your CSV to the fields in your user database. You can map fields to: [None; Email Address; Username; Roles; Overseer; Postcode; Phone; First Name; Last Name; Date of Birth; Location]. Your uploaded users will then appear in your User Management as pending users. There is also an option to overwrite existing records if required. All registered and invited users must select or confirm a password.



Import Users

This option is only for users you facilitate that never require a password or email interaction, for example, people on a health program where they work in-person with a clinician via a tablet device.

 Note: Staging tenancies do not send emails.